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How to Make a Place Bet | Online Horse Betting

Horse Betting: How to Make a Place Bet. Place - Your horse must come in first or second. Next to the win bet, the Place wager is one of the oldest and most traditional. With a place wager, your horse must finish first or second. The wager pays the same whether your horse wins or not.

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A place bet requires the bettor to select a runner to finish first, second or third. Place means to finish in the top three places. The odds for a place bet are shorter than those for a win bet on the same runner, as it is far more likely the runner will finish inside top three than win.

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What is a Place Bet? When you bet to place your horse must finish first or second in order for you to cash a ticket. The payoffs are understandably lower on winning place bets because the place pool (all money wagered to place on a race minus the track takeout) is split between two horses – the horse that wins the race and the horse that finishes second.

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Most of the bets are placed online since their mobile platform only allows sports betting. Maximum and minimum deposits and withdrawals are different for different payment options that are offered on BetOnline.

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Place betting is essentially a bet on a selection performing well, but not necessarily winning - unlike an outright bet. The number of places offered will depend on the sport and the size of the field. You should read the individual sports to place rules before betting. The number of places you can bet on depends on the size of the field and sport.

What is a Place Bet? | What is a Show Bet? | Place Bet Explained

In fixed odds betting a Place Bet is where you back a selection to place, rather than to win. In the UK & Internationally. Outside of North America a place bet, in horseracing, is usually a wager for your selection to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd. But this does depend on the number of selections in the event.

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The best way to profit from place betting is to compound the returns from a betting system with a very high strike rate (around 90%). This place betting system is perfect for this and can be easily applied with just a basic form guide (no computer required).

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Depending on the point, Place numbers are considered either “inside” or “outside.”. Generally, for Place bets, the 4, 5, 9, and 10 are considered outside numbers. The 5, 6, 8, and 9 are considered inside numbers.