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Basic Skills & Techniques for Cricket | SportsRec

Basic Skills & Techniques for Cricket Batting. A batsman should have both a good eye and a sound technique. He should stand near to his wicket, but far enough... Bowling. There are two types of bowling in cricket. Spin bowling is a slow type of bowling, in which a bowler imparts... Fielding. ...

Cricket - essential skills and techniques - BBC Bitesize

Stage one. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and parallel to the batting crease. Slightly flex knees and keep weight evenly distributed. Rest the hand and top of bat gently against the inside thigh of your front leg with the bat resting on the floor at a 45° angle. Keep your head over the front ...

Fundamental Skills of Cricket | Batting & Bowling Skills ...

Batting Skills. Begin a batsman he must have good wrist power, eye coordination, stamina, running speed, a judgment of speed, bat speed, and other knowledge and statistics for cricket. Some basic following skills batsman required:-. He should try to save his cricket by the bat. Avoid the ball which hits to legs.

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This is one of the most important cricket batting techniques for beginners to remember and follow. Swing the bat downward. Push your bat downward to hit the ball after it bounces. Keep your lead leg in the front and lead elbow facing the bowler. Follow through with your bat to hit the ball as far as possible.

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Cricket requires a variety of skills that are commonly used in a number of sports. Hand-eye coordination, throwing or catching a ball, balance and intense, long-term concentration are just a few. Through consistent practice and by applying these skills to the elements of cricket, such as a batsman watching the ball at all times, you will see a dramatic improvement in your game.

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Cricket Skills And Techniques A Comprehensive Guide To Coaching And Playing|Douglas Wright, An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering Undergraduate Texts in Computer Science|Pankaj Jalote, Flirting With Destiny Volume 1|Eve Carter, The Irish Corsicans Sequel to Loyalty|John A Curry

Cricket Strategy and Tactics. Part One

This is typically cricket played at International and First class level, where the level of research into the opposition is deep and far reaching and the skills and their application are world class. Unlocking the Code is learning how the the parts of the jigsaw that make up Cricket Strategy and Tactics fit together.


Techniques. The batsman should lift the bat when the bowler is in action. Any mistake in the timing of the lifting of the bat either late or early may lead to misjudgment of the ball. The bat should be lifted to a normal height neither too high or too low.