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List of Cricket Player Positions. Listed below are the eleven (11) player positions in the sport of cricket, accompanied by the number they are most commonly associated with. #1: wicketkeeper #2: slip #3: gully #4: point #5: cover #6: third man #7: fine leg #8: mid-wicket #9: mid-off #10: square leg #11: captain

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There are actually 4 main fielding positions within the slips: 1 st slip, 2 nd slip, 3 rd slip and 4th slip. However, not all of these positions need to be used at the same time! Slip fielders will usually set their position based on where the wicket keeper is standing.

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In cricket, the fielding team has a total of 11 players on the field at any given time. Aside from ...

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Cricket can be a baffling sport to the uninitiated with a host of cricket terms - and with 13 players plus two umpires usually on the field at any given time, it is not surprising people struggle to get to grips with who does what. From the cricket captain to wicket-keeper and bowler and fielder, each player has a specific role to play in the side.

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The cricket field is divided into two parts – Off and On/Leg side. The positions start with a keeper and move through slips, third man, point, covers, and mid-off to the field positions on the leg side such as mid-on, midwicket, square leg, and the fine leg, to name a few. In this article, we will cover all major fielding positions on a cricket field. A Brief about Fielding Positions in Cricket

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All Fielding Positions Names and Explanation in Cricket In Cricket, a total of 11 players of the fielding team are on the field at any moment in the game. Apart from the wicket-keeper and a bowler, there are 9 other fielding positions that are required to be occupied on the ground.

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In all, there are 35 different fielding positions and the captain can utilise every one to try to stop the batter from scoring runs or to try to get them out. The fielding positions are: previous

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Almost all the positions in cricket can be divided into on and off positions. The ‘On’ position is towards the right side of the batsman when viewed towards the bowler’s end. Similarly, the ‘Off’ side refers to the positions on the left side of the batsman. Slips: The fielders standing behind the batsman at an angle are called the slips.