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Basic Hockey Equipment List

3- Hockey socks- connect them to the velcro of the Jack/Jill shorts. 4-Hockey Breezers. 5-Skates. 6-Shoulder pads. 7-Elbow pads (LOOK at the pad to see what arm to put them on) 8- Hockey shirt. 8- Put tape around the hockey socks to secure the shin pads (Make sure the tape does not go behind the knee) 9-Helmet and snap the straps-Gloves . After playing

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Ice Hockey Equipment List Ice Hockey Equipment. Ice hockey is a major professional sport. The most famous league is the NHL (National Hockey... Accessories. Ice hockey accessories include the following: jock strap, mouthguard, garter belt, tape, skate laces, a... Goalie Equipment. Goalie equipment ...

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Lower Body Protective Gear Hockey Pants. Hockey pants are cushioned with plastic inserts to protect the upper legs and rear from being hit by pucks... Shin Guards. Hockey players all wear shin guards as well. They have big, thick, long socks that the shin guards snuggly... Pelvic Protection. The ...

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Regular Player Equipment 1. Helmet. One of the core protective equipment is a helmet. It comes with a face cage and a few straps. The face cage... 2. NeckGuard. Playing ice hockey involves neck injuries every now and then. It may be a flying puck or a blow of your... 3. Elbow Pads. Whether it’s a ...


HOCKEY EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST. hockey equipment. Athletic Supporter w/cup. Hockey Elbow Pads. Hockey Face Masks. Hockey Helmet. Ice Hockey Gloves. Ice Hockey Stick. Goalie Stick.

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A traditional mask that is made from metal bars that is used to protect the face. A full or half face shield made of shatterproof clear plastic that is used to protect the face and eyes. Necessary and approved piece of equipment that protects the head from contact that may occur during the sport of hockey.