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Number 1 is Hit Power, 2 is Hitting, 3 is Game IQ, as far as I can tell. My 8 hiiters have. H 88 P 99 IQ 87. H 83 P 100 IQ 94. H 75 P 100 IQ 76. 75/100/66

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Become A G.O.A.T. Become A G.O.A.T --- Become a G.O.A.T is a CAP server that lets you create a player and watch his journey from possibly being a 1 star recruit coming out of high school to a guaranteed Hall of Famer in the NBA. We have real high school teams and College teams. You can watch a player progress and see him become a franchise legend.

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r/ZenGMBasketballCoach: This subreddit is for discussion about College Basketball Coach, a free college basketball coach simulation video game. Any … Press J to jump to the feed.

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This subreddit is for discussion about Zen GM (http://www.zengm.com), a set of sports simulation games (some updated, some not). You're likely looking for individual game subreddits, see the pinned post.

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Is there a subreddit for ZenGM College Basketball? In only year 2032, I couldn't progress any further (full 320 team set up). I started a new one and it froze up at the end of the 2nd regular season.

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Online GM League HSL. Attention all ZENGM Hockey fans !! We're looking for new GMs to compete with us in our online zengm.com league. We still have a few teams available with also some people looking for assistant GM. All transaction, signings and simulations are done through discord and we're using an independant FA decider for signings.

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Big3 --- Big3 is a league that starts out in the 2021 season with real players and team. Big3 is much more different then the NBA or any other professional basketball league. Big3 is supposedly a retirement home for the older basketball players that where good in their prime.

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Some teams play better or worse in the playoffs. In version 2021.12.04.1335 you can see how that affects team ovr on the Power Rankings page.

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ZenGM is currently just one person, me. My name is Jeremy aka dumbmatter. You can reach me at jeremy@zengm.com or on social media. I started working on Basketball GM in 2008. Originally it was a hobby project to scratch an itch and hone my programming skills.