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A staple of college basketball betting, the point spread wager is one that bettors are likely to see across all sports, including through the use of NCAA basketball lines. The premise of this type of bet is simple, in that bettors are asked to determine which team is going to win a game after a handicap is applied to the score of the team that they back.

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Betting the spread in college basketball is one of the most basic and common betting lines that one probably thinks of when it comes to wagering. The point spread is installed for a college basketball game, establishing both a favorite in the game, and an underdog.

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Sports books determine a favorite and an underdog, then assigns each one with a point total. The bettor then wagers on which team he or she thinks will cover the spread. Example: Boston –7.5. Detroit +7.5. In the above example, Boston is a -7.5 point favorite, while Detroit is considered a +7.5 point underdog.

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These NCAA basketball betting lines are concerned only with how many points will be tallied by both teams. Bookies pre-set a total, say 150 points, and bettors simply pick "over" or "under" that sum. In case the game ends with a combined 150 points exactly, the bet ends in a "push." This is a college basketball Vegas odds version of a tie.

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The answer to this question all depends on the odds and type of bet, as well as how much you bet. That being said, places you can look to win a lot of money betting college basketball include: Betting big underdogs on the moneyline. Placing a futures bet on a team to win a tournament or March Madness.

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The betting line for college basketball point spreads has the potential to move up or down heading into a game. Oddsmakers move the line for a game based on a number of different factors. On-court factors such as injuries are popular reasons for line movement.

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When betting college basketball against the spread, many sport books will allow you to “buy points”, which will change what the line is at adjusted odds. For example Michigan are -3.5 favorites to Penn State with the game being played at Penn State at -150 odds, meaning a $150 bet on Michigan -3.5 will pay out $100.

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The opening line on the HOME team must be at least -6.0. Hence the VISITING team would be at least +6.0. If the opener is -6.0 and the line moves to -5.0 before you can get your bet down, it is NOT a System play; We always bet the visiting underdog, taking the points.